Identity Defined

Our cultural conversation is full of talk about self-identifying, especially in the areas of sexuality and gender. As much as ever, the question dominating the comfortable West is ‘Who am I?’

If we are going to join that conversation, we need to have something to say and, thankfully, we do not have to read far into the Bible to find answers. There we find that rather than asking ‘Who am I?’, we ought to ask, ‘Whose am I?’ Genesis 1-2, being chiefly about God, lays a firm foundation for human identity. If we are the chance products of a purposeless universe, then we are nobodies. If, however, we are purposefully created by God, then all our questions have answers. Instead of a constructed identity, we have a created identity. So, what did God create us to be and to do? The key is Genesis 1.26-28:…

You can read the full article on page 16 of the February/March 2023 issue of INSIGHT.
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